Mindy Vance Bouman

Chief Financial Officer

Linkedin: Mindy Vance Bouman
Cell: 717-309-5111
Email: mindybouman@aol.com

Mindy Vance Bouman, CFO

Mindy Vance Bouman has been a licensed real estate professional since 1987 and a real estate broker for twenty years. With a background in both broadcasting and real estate business management, she has hosted weekly business radio shows and television talk programs in Greater Philadelphia and York, Pennsylvania. She was certified in traumatic event/crisis counseling by the AACC. Mindy serves the Executive Branch of the United States Government as the chairperson of Region 1, Area 11, Board 173 of the United States Selective Service System. She is the Broker/Owner of Country Home Real Estate, Inc.; and an owner/member of Deedworks Title, LLC, as well as Abba Loss Mitigation, LLC. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and gardening.

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